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Pomník v Srbské 01.jpg
An album of photographs showing the commemoration and unveiling of a memorial to the border guards Václav Čep, Josef Vojta and Bohumil Hosek who were killed on the night 23 / 24.09.1938.

Blank postcard of ruin in Heinersdorf (today, Jindřichovice pod Smrkem) found in the ruins of no.51 in Srbská

Srbska 014.jpg
Postcard issued after WW2. (Top right) school (bottom left) cinema.

Srbska 050a.jpg
View of Wunschendorf showing house 74/75 on the hill. House No. 118 on the lower left which prior to 1946 belonged to Joha Etner, behind which is No 115 which belonged to Ida Herden. On the right side closest to the camera is No. 112 which belonged…

House No. 109

A view of Wunschendorf showing house No. 146 with the bell tower, next to which is No. 123. In the background is the school No. 56. Nearest to the road on the left is No. 54, a restaurant and butcher owned by Adolf Kreuzmann until 1946. Below the…

A woman and young girl petting a sheep outside house No. 9

People farming in Wunschendorf

A before and after image of a house in the vilage.

Photograph showing residential house(s) in the village

School building in Srbska

An elderly man sitting outside the ruins of house No.11 in Srbska

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dům 002.jpg
Two adults and a child standing outside a snow covered house in Srbska. 'Our House' and the name Josef Krysten, are handwritten in Czech on the back

dům 003.jpg
A group of adults and children posing for a photo outside a house in Srbska

dům 004.jpg
A house, most likely in Srbska, covered in snow.

dům 005.jpg
A group of adults and children standing outside a building in Srbska

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