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Border posts between Poland and the Czech Republic. Previously the border between Czechoslovakia and Germany

(From left to right) houses No.81, 82 & 147

A memorial on the border of the village which is still present today. It was erected after 1945 in memory of the Czech officials who were shot during an attack in 1938

An aerial photograph showing the border between Srbska and Miloszow (Poland). The buildings you can see are shops which mainly sold alcohol and clothing. Today most of them have been demolished

A signpost for the village near the border to Poland

The border between Srbska and Poland in winter

Shopkeeper clearing show at the border between Srbska and Poland

Srbska 051.jpg
View of the factories and houses on the border of Wunschendorf

Srbska 027a.jpg
(Top left) public house ‘Marklissa’ and its garden (Bottom left). (Top right) a view of the border including the customs house. (Bottom right) a detailed view of the customs house

Srbska 024a.jpg
A postcard showing the public house 'Marklissa' with 'Greetings from Wunschendorf' written in German.

Srbska 021a.jpg
A postcard view of the border between Wunschendorf and Hartmannsdorf issued ca. 1930

Srbska 020a.jpg
A postcard with German handwriting showing the public house 'Marklissa' and other buildings on the border between Wunschendorf and Hartmannsdorf including No.82. In 1905 No.82 is listed as producing cotton and in 1925 as producing glass beads.

Srbska 005.jpg
Road leading to the border. There are several houses including one which is hidden behind the trees on the left.

Pomník v Srbské 01.jpg
An album of photographs showing the commemoration and unveiling of a memorial to the border guards Václav Čep, Josef Vojta and Bohumil Hosek who were killed on the night 23 / 24.09.1938.
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