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House No. 150 which prior to 1946 belonged to Krause Franz. Today the house has been rennovated and is used as a holiday cottage

House No. 150 can be seen in the front which prior to 1946 belonged to Krause Franz. Next to it is No. 141, behind which is the roof of No. 99. In the background, on the hill is No. 98 which prior to 1946 was owned by Haupt Adolf, the last mayor of…

A view of Wunschendorf showing house No. 146 with the bell tower, next to which is No. 123. In the background is the school No. 56. Nearest to the road on the left is No. 54, a restaurant and butcher owned by Adolf Kreuzmann until 1946. Below the…

Srbska 028a.jpg
A postcard showing four views in Wunschendorf. German annotation draws attention to two buildings, No. 51 (left) and the village school (right)
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