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Srbska 051.jpg
View of the factories and houses on the border of Wunschendorf

Srbska 043.jpg
House No. 16 with Josef Krause (standing on the far right) and his wife

Srbska 042.jpg
People cross-country skiing in Wunschendorf. On the far left is No. 114, further to the back are No. 149 and No.145

Srbska 041.jpg
In the foreground are houses No. 67 (roof only), No. 68, No. 69, No. 70, No. 111, behind are No. 92, No. 109, No. 126, No. 87, and to the far left No. 86.

Srbska 040.jpg
This image shows the upper part of the village. In foreground are houses No. 106, No. 131, No. 38, No. 11, No.35 and No. 12. In the top left are houses No. 5, No. 4, No. 2 and No. 1 and No.116.

Srbska 039.jpg
On the right side of the postcard you can see the "Upper Range" with houses No. 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19. No. 20 has been burned down. On the left you can see the "Lower Range" (Niedere Zeile)with houses No. 34, 35, 33, 32 (also burnt down),…

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Srbska 037a.jpg
In the distance you can see the light reflecting off the walls of the graveyard (just left of the centre)

Srbska 030a.jpg
A postcard handwritten in Czech, showing a view in Wunschendorf. In the distance are two mountains in the Jizera range - Heufuder and Tafelfichte. Today Tafelfichte is named Smrk and is 1,124m above sea level.

Srbska 029a.jpg
A postcard showing two different views in Wunschendorf

Srbska 028a.jpg
A postcard showing four views in Wunschendorf. German annotation draws attention to two buildings, No. 51 (left) and the village school (right)

Srbska 027a.jpg
(Top left) public house ‘Marklissa’ and its garden (Bottom left). (Top right) a view of the border including the customs house. (Bottom right) a detailed view of the customs house

Srbska 026a.jpg
A decorative postcard showing three different views in Wunschendorf. Handwritten in German.

Srbska 025a.jpg
A postcard showing two views in Wunschendorf. In the image to the right you can see the public house 'Felsenkeller' in the foreground and the bell tower of No. 146 behind

Srbska 024a.jpg
A postcard showing the public house 'Marklissa' with 'Greetings from Wunschendorf' written in German.

Srbská 023a.jpg
A postcard showing a large number houses from the lower section of Wunscendorf. The reverse side is filled in with German handwriting.

Srbska 022a.jpg
A view of Lindenhof, the largest building in the village to still be standing today.
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