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A man wearing a sailor hat and drinking from a tankard in Srbska. The man is a previous resident of Srbska who ran a public house in the village.

The owner of public house No.64 in Srbska, also known as 'Villa Hanka'

Two men posing for a picture in snow covered Srbska. Behind them you can see a number of houses.

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Josef Krause with his son Oskar standing outside No. 6 in Wunschendorf. In the background is No. 7 which is still standing today

foto 03_1962.jpg
A man posing with two motorbikes in front of a ruined building in Srbska.

foto 02a.jpg
A photographic portrait of a resident from Wunschendorf. Handwritten on the reverse side is the name 'Max Forster'.

foto 01.jpg
A young man standing with his horse. In the background in a house and barn.

An elderly man sitting outside the ruins of house No.11 in Srbska

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Srbska 029a.jpg
A postcard showing two different views in Wunschendorf

Srbska 007.jpg
A postcard showing a man outside a house in Wunschendorf
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