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How can one remember a place which exists in many memories, in many stories?

A project by Sophie Dixon

Srbská, previously Wünschendorf, is a village in the present day Czech Republic, on its northern border with Poland.

Following World War Two, almost the entire  population of the village was forced to leave in a deportation which affected an estimated 3,000,000 ethnic Germans living in Czechoslovakia. Afterwards, Wünschendorf was renamed to Srbská. It declined rapidly from a community of over a hundred houses and businesses to the handful of buildings it is today.

My interest in Srbská's past was kindled after a chance meeting in 2011. While living there, I encountered a group making their annual visit from Germany to the village they were forced to leave as children. Now, well into their seventies, they return each year to remember - a desire I have explored in my artistic practice within the themes of memory and place.

I have travelled to Germany and the Czech Republic to film this group and others who remember the village of Srbská and Wünschendorf. Through looking for a single story of this place, I have found that each voice casts its own unique perspective upon the past. This archive is an attempt to create a space for those voices I have encountered, and to give wider prominence to the artefacts and stories so generously contributed by those involved in this project.

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