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Pomník v Srbské 01.jpg
An album of photographs showing the commemoration and unveiling of a memorial to the border guards Václav Čep, Josef Vojta and Bohumil Hosek who were killed on the night 23 / 24.09.1938.

List showing several famillies to be deported from wunschendorf

For travel between Srbska and Frydlant, belonging to Bohumil Joska, 1957-1958, resident in house no.51

Srbska 019a.jpg
View of Wunschendorf showing several houses

Passport found in the ruins of no.51 in Srbská

Blank postcard of ruin in Heinersdorf (today, Jindřichovice pod Smrkem) found in the ruins of no.51 in Srbská

Srbska 001.jpg
View of Wunschendorf showing several buildings

Srbska 002.jpg
In the foreground you can see the old school, behind which is the new school (built between 1912-1913). The upper floor of the new school had two classrooms and on the ground floor was a gym and residence for the teachers.

Srbska 003.jpg
Postcard showing the public house 'Marklissa'

Srbska 004.jpg
View of Wunschendorf showing many houses in the lower end of the village, close to the border with Germany

Srbska 005.jpg
Road leading to the border. There are several houses including one which is hidden behind the trees on the left.

Srbska 007.jpg
A postcard showing a man outside a house in Wunschendorf

Srbska 008.jpg
A postcard with handwriting on the front showing a woman standing outside house in Wunschendorf

Srbska 009a.jpg
A postcard showing 'White Rock' in the surrounding forest. On the reverse side is correspondence written in Czech.

Srbska 010.jpg
Postcard showing the train station for Wunschendorf. The location of the stop today is about 3.5 km from the centre of the village.

Srbska 011.jpg
Postcard showing various buildings in Wunschendorf. (From top to bottom) pub 'Marklissa', school, border offices
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