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dům 003.jpg
A group of adults and children posing for a photo outside a house in Srbska

An aerial photograph showing the chapel, houses No.122, No.124, No.103 and No. 105

An aerial photograph showing houses in Srbska. Furthest right you can see the large ruin of building No.48/49 which was an Agricultural Cooperative during the Communist period.

An aerial photograph showing houses No.87and No.126

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An aerial photograph showing houses No.7, No.148 and the ruins of No.11

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An aerial photograph of sand mining between Srbska and the nearest village, Horni Rasnice

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An aerial photograph showing the border between Srbska and Miloszow (Poland). The buildings you can see are shops which mainly sold alcohol and clothing. Today most of them have been demolished

dům 006.jpg
A large beehive in Srbska

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A before and after image of a house in the vilage.

Erika Muller holding a photograph or herself as a child with her parents and brother in Wunschendorf

The border between Srbska and Poland in winter

The chapel in Srbska with a new roof but missing its original bell tower

Photograph showing children in school classroom in Srbska ca.1960

Correspondence between the National Committee in Srbska and the Office for National Statistics in Prague. The small slip is a request from the Office of National Statistics to explain why the name 'Srbska' was selected for the village. The reply…

Srbská 002_1962.jpg
Two cows grazing in a pasture with a house obscured bethind trees in the background
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