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Children and teachers outside the school in Wunschendorf

Srbska 014.jpg
Postcard issued after WW2. (Top right) school (bottom left) cinema.

Srbska 002.jpg
In the foreground you can see the old school, behind which is the new school (built between 1912-1913). The upper floor of the new school had two classrooms and on the ground floor was a gym and residence for the teachers.

The old German school building in winter

School building in Srbska

The school building and WW1 monument in Wunschendorf

Schoolchildren outside the school in Wunschendorf in 1937

Children from Wunschendorf going to school in the next village of Heinersdorf (Jindrichovice)

Srbska 028a.jpg
A postcard showing four views in Wunschendorf. German annotation draws attention to two buildings, No. 51 (left) and the village school (right)
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